The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault

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The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault

Shot in Australia in 2008, this DVD gives coaches and athletes an opportunity to view first hand one of Alan Launder’s coaching clinics.

For those who are already familiar with Alan’s coaching methodologies from his book “From Beginner to Bubka”, this video gives you a chance to see them applied, hands on, in a live setting.

In this DVD, Coach Launder covers a range of topics. From best beginner practices, to how vaulters such as Sergei Bubka approach certain aspects of the event.

To see the coaching principles outlined in the book “From Beginner to Bubka” put into action is sure to benefit any coach or athlete looking to expand their knowledge of the event.

The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault DVD chapter titles

Part 1: Lecture
The Biomechanical Pole
The Swing/Trail Leg
The Minimalist Approach
How to Properly Load the Pole
How to Get Beginner to Invert
4 Stages Summarized
Advice From Bubka
4 Phases Explained

Part 2: Hands On Clinic
Take Off Drills
4 Step Take Off Drill
6 Step Take Off Drill
Proper Positioning
High Bar Drills - Take Off
High Bar Drills - Trail Leg
Discussion - Key Positions
Rockback Drills: Why Not to Do Them
The Beginner High Bar Drill
Pole Drop
Walking Plant Drills
Right Heel at Take Off
Bottom Arm at Take Off
Sand Pit Drills
Running Drills - Straight Leg Claws
Proper Pole Carry
Running Drills - 20/20's
Drills Into the Pit