Neo Vault 2 - Bring It

20 USD
This high energy sequel to the first Neo Vault DVD is sure to get you pumped up about pole vaulting with over 70 minutes of exciting pole vault action. 

Set in 2003 with one clip from 2004, it features the National Pole Vault Summit, LA Indoor Meet, Mt SAC Relays, PAC 10 Championships, USATF National Championships, Clovis Street Vault, World Championships, Toby Stevenson's 6 meter day at the 2004 Modesto Relays, as well as Russ Buller's Hyundai commercial, a Yoo Kim special segment by Jared Drake, and John Besmer's legendary "never let go of the pole" feature. 

Bonus features include the Trailer and how poles are made at the Gill Factory. 

Besmer Hot Sauce and Crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6Jh9FdLKtk
Russ Buller Hyundai Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJq7mjb4mJU

Producers: Sean Brown and Steve Michels
Extra Footage: Matt Sheehan, Jared Drake, Jason Hinkin, Scott Slover, Anthony Curran

Male Vaulters
John Besmer
Russ Buller
Steve Deming
Eric Eschbach
Dave Grijalva
Kurt Hanna
Jeff Hartwig
Scott Huffman
Nick Hyson
Adam Keul
Denis Kholev
Yoo Kim
Giovanni Lanaro
Paul Litchfield
Pat Luke
Tim Mack
Derek Miles
Brooks Morris
Justin Norberg
Dave Pomfret
Jeff Ryan
Dave Rynearson
Tommy Skipper
Scott Slover
Dean Starkey
Toby Stevenson
John Takahashi
Paul Terek 
Brad Walker
Russ Weaver
Trevor Woods

Women Vaulters
Melissa Astete
Annika Becker
Yelena Belakova
Dana Buller
Yvonne Buschbaum
Kira Costa
Tamara Diles
Carly Dockendorf
Stacy Dragila
Svetlana Feofanova
Shuying Gao
Becky Holliday
Yelena Isinbayeva
Constance Jerz
Chelsea Johnson
Amy Linnen
Niki McEwen
Mel Mueller
Tracy O'Hara
Monika Pyrek
Kirsten Riley
Anna Rogowska
Mary Sauer
Jillian Schwarz
Kate Soma
Kellie Suttle
Alicia Warlick

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