From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too! (Book)

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The definitive book and DVD series on modern pole vaulting

This breakthrough book is alone in its class in that it is a comprehensive exploration and explanation of a pole vault training system. Based on the Petrov model, the book and DVDs demonstrate how to teach proper pole vault mechanics to beginners all the way up to advanced athletes.

More than a second edition.

The book From Beginner to Bubka was wildly successful for its detailed explanations, illustrations, and innovative approach to teaching and coaching the pole vault.

From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too! is a complete reworking of the book. Nearly every page of the book has been rewritten and expanded. Hundreds of new pictures have been added to better visualize the text. New chapters have been added to further aid in the development of the vaulter.

The original book was 170 pages. From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too! is 310 pages. Almost twice as long!

Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too! book chapter titles

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Track & Field and the role of the coach
Chapter 3 - The process of coaching
Chapter 4 - Risk management in pole vault
Chapter 5 - The relationship between stiff pole, and flexible pole vaulting
Chapter 6 - Dangerous myths in the pole vault
Chapter 7 - Biomechanics, Technical Models and Style
Chapter 8 - The Petrov/Bubka Technical Model
Chapter 9 - Elite athletes who apply the principles of the Petrov/Bubka model
Chapter 10 - Young athletes and the Bubka Technical model
Chapter 11 - The coach as a teacher
Chapter 12 - The Adelaide Approach to developing pole vaulters
Chapter 13 - Teaching the pole vault
- Page 106 - missing page from some copies of the book
Chapter 14 - Learning to vault on a flexible pole
Chapter 15 - Teaching the inversion
Chapter 16 - Young athletes and the run up
Chapter 17 - The process of Technical Coaching
Chapter 18 - Training for young pole vaulters
Chapter 19 - Conditioning for young athletes
Chapter 20 - Gymnastics for pole vaulters
Chapter 21 - Field Testing and Talent Identification
Chapter 22 - Psychological preparation for pole vaulting
Chapter 23 - The competition process
Chapter 24 - The run up for ambitious young vaulters
Chapter 25 - The Plant
Chapter 26 - The Take Off
Chapter 27 - Ambitious young vaulters and the swing into inversion
Chapter 28 - Technical coaching at the advanced level
Appendix A - Vitali Petrov’s 1985 Presentation, European Coaches Congress, Birmingham, UK.
Appendix B - Botcharnikov’s pole climbing drill
Appendix C - One athlete’s view of pole vaulting
Appendix D - The construction of flexible pole vault poles, by Bruce Caldwell ~ Including Jan Johnson’s Pole Progression and Relative Stiffness Chart