Beginner to Bubka DVD

30 USD
The perfect accompaniment to an outstanding book

This DVD is in a class of its own. You will not find a more comprehensive video exploration of the pole vault anywhere else. Alan Launder provides visual examples and case studies of athletes and coaches using the Petrov model.

From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too! DVD chapter titles:

Chapter 1 - The technical model
Chapter 2 - Other athletes using the technical model
Chapter 3 - Young athletes using the technical model
Chapter 4 - Case Study: Lauren Ely
Chapter 5 - Case Study: Jana Tancosic
Chapter 6 - Case Study: Patrick Jesser
Chapter 7 - Case Study: Tom Lovell
Chapter 8 - Case Study: Chris Lovell
Chapter 9 - Case Study: Wendy Young
Chapter 10 - Teaching the Pole Vault
Chapter 11 - The Run Up
Chapter 12 - The Plant
Chapter 13 - The Take-Off
Chapter 14 - Bending the Pole
Chapter 15 - Inversion
Chapter 16 - Petrov and Isinbayeva Training Session
Chapter 17 - Additional Drills